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What Exactly is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a complete digital marketing software suite which lets users to generate high quality landing pages quickly and also simply. There was once a time where creating a high converting landing page required coding talent and several other technical proficiencies. Thanks to LeadPages simple step by step process, everything is streamlined. The blog post that follows will outline and give info on Leadpages features, plans, integrations, templates and more.

Which Features Are Offered by Leadpages ?

Though Leadpages at its core is typically regarded as simply a landing page creator, the many features available within the software truly means it is so much more than that. Leadpages long list of features make it a powerful software suite that will propel your digital business to the higher phase you’ve been hoping for.

What Drag and Drop Templates Does Leadpages Software Include?

Leadpages is full of tested, proven high-converting templates that are ready to be put to work for your business to bring you more customers and less lost clicks. Leadpages even provides mobile specific templates which are completely optimized to ensure of a beautiful appearance and flow on any smartphone a prospective customer may land from. These templates make it easy and much more importantly fast to design beautiful, top-notch quality designs for your squeeze page. Just} drag and drop to customize any template to fit any brand and campaign goal perfectly. You’ll end up with a very professional , high converting landing page to convert your leads – all without coding . Furthermore, you will be ready to hit publish if you don’t have a any business site.

Additional Leadpages Features: Leadpages LeadBoxes

Another very powerful & popular feature of Leadpages software suite is the LeadBoxes . LeadBoxes are popups notifications that should be placed almost everywhere throughout your digital accounts for example various blogs, personal websites, funnels etc. This ingenious feature doesn’t only give users the ability to trigger a popup to capture leads through Leadpages everytime a visitor clicks a button, specific text, or an image, plus it can be used in an even more highly targeted manner. LeadBoxes can also be set with a timer so that for example when a new visitor lands on your site, after a amount of time a pop-up will display to the visitor to convert more organic and paid visitors into leads. One of the more powerful abilities of LeadBoxes is the exit intent triggered LeadBox. These popups appear when a visitor is just starting the motions of exiting your web site. This allows marketers offer a persuasive piece of awesome content to the lead in order to stop them exiting the page.

Feature: Leadpages Ad Creation

Another amazing feature of Leadpages is for sure the ability to create Facebook and Instagram ads in the software. This is an incredibly useful feature that is certain to save you time and further optimize your ad spend. It’s very relevant to note, not only did Leadpages feature ad creation ability inside Leadpages, it’s 100% automated. Leadpages just pulls content directly from the squeeze page that you’ve designed, and allows you to review and make changes as desired, and launch a compelling ad which will start pulling in new traffic to your landing page. Furthermore, Leadpages also includes the functionality to automatically place a Facebook pixel in each of your pages to retarget visitors and to provide mission critical data.

Additional Feature: Leadpages Split Testing

As marketers, we’re quite in tune with the power of a/b split tests. In the pursuit of iterative improvement, tons of ideas run through our brain as to which aspects of our landing page might be changed up and improved upon in hopes to get & generate more and more customers by incoming traffic. With a never ending number of potential changes to be considered, split testing is the easiest method to test these ideas and receive invaluable stats about what is actually working well in one’s digital marketing . This software includes an excellent split testing feature included. This allows users to test out variations of their Leadpage side by side to find out what is actually working out well and what isn’t by comparing the conversion rates of each separate version being tested.

Additional Included Features: Leadpages Integrations

Leadpages has an abundant list of integrations with which to build an even more powerful digital toolbox for your web based business by allowing you to connect with other online marketing and point of sale apps you’re currently using. For example, it integrates with each of the top email marketing services letting you optin a lead and  then automatically add their details to your email sequences to kick off the automatic sales process within the back-end of your online company.

While the example above is fairly sensible to most digital marketers, Leadpages selection of integrations does not stops here. There are many other integrations that will lift up your digital business to the next level. For example, Leadpages integrates with WooCommerce to let a landing page to 100% take care of the sales process by putting buy now buttons & order forms to provide a worry free digital experience for each of your site visitors.

Software Pricing and Plan Types, Just How Much Does Leadpages Cost?

Leadpages also boasts 3 unique pricing plans with a different levels of available features to make certain you’re only going to invest in the features which you plan on using in your marketing strategy. Also, there’s also three plan tiers available to offer some flexibility and even cost reduction based on what mightl work best for your business. It’s critical to consider and compare the features that are included with the three tiers. Leadpages will from time to time change up the pricing and included features of each of these, so you can check out the best offerings right here. But you are still on the fence about trying out Leadpages for your business, I highly suggest checking out the site right now to look for if there’s a Free Trial Available. Usually, you’re able to trial the platform on a no risk free trial to get a feel of the power it will bring to your web marketing efforts.

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